Fireworks face mask by Bozeman Batiks

I’m Julie Seitel.

I’m passionate about helping my community thrive in the face of the pandemic.  By training I’m a theatrical lighting designer and stage manager.  However… Guess what?  No one needs lighting design or stage management right now.  You know what we do need right now?

Face masks. 

You know what else we need?

Work for artists and craftspersons.

Bozeman Batiks masks and bags are created by my team of Gallatin Valley residents who have sewing and design skills, whose regular employment has been knocked askew, and who accordingly need a new side hustle that is flexible enough to be compatible with sheltering in place and home-schooling one’s kids.

I’ve got a new mission now, and this is it:

*To create gorgeous handmade masks and bags using top quality batik quilting cottons purchased from Bozeman quilt shops.

*To provide a flexible new income source to Gallatin Valley residents whose incomes have been decimated by the coronavirus.

*To normalize, de-stigmatize, and popularize the use of face masks and create masks that are not only effective but gorgeous and stylish.